Nikki Taught You: Beauty Secrets for Women of Color 

Nikki Taught You: Beauty Secrets for Women of Color 

When you find a beauty secret that works, you be like….

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As you all know, I am all for black girl magic, but sometimes we have to go the extra mile because our skin can present challenges like: scarring, hyper-pigmentation, ingrown hairs, dandruff, thinning edges (LORDT – LE STRUGGLE) and others! Alas.. our black girl magic continues to shine thru and I have some beauty hacks to aid in the process. These are some beauty secrets that I have found to work and use on a regular basis:

Spray Tanning & Tanning Lotion

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Honeeeyyyyyyyyyyy let. me. tell. you..
Spray tanning and tanning lotions are one of my faaaaaavorite ways to get that blackgirlmagic glow to come all the way thru!! Not that we need it, but it does a great job at evening out skin tone & making you look like a bronzed goddess! Especially if you are wearing white, or green or any bright color, it really makes your skin look amazing. If I have a hot date which is never or a big event where I want to stunt on everyone else which is always, I will schedule a spray tan 2-3 days before. Or you can go the budget friendly route and get a great self-tanning lotion.

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I use the Banana Boat Summer Color in deep/dark. I apply it after I shower/exfoliate at night in place of lotion. Give it some time to dry and in the morning you will wake up looking like you just got back from Jamaica. It lasts for about 7 days and sometimes I just mix it with lotion to keep my bronze in tact. Sidenote: Make sure your skin is freshly clean, exfoliated and dry before getting a spray tan or applying tanning lotion. Go get that summer glow year-round ladies!!

Neutogena Acne Facewash – prevents ingrown hairs!

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Have you ever gotten a bikini or brazilian wax and shortly thereafter had ingrown hairs? Its the worse right?!
Besides being a great face wash to keep acne at bay, this also is an excellent product to prevent those horrible and annoying ingrown hairs. Due to its 2% salicylic acid, its a good exfoliating cleanser and prevents ingrown hairs from rearing their ugly head.

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What I do: After getting a wax, while in the shower I apply a tiny bit on the corner of a wash cloth, lather it up and apply to the waxed area in small circular motions and rinse. The next morning its allllllllllll clear!!! lol. I’m fortunate that I dont really have troubled skin, but the few times I’ve had issues, this stuff worked a miracle!

Pure Glycolic Acid

So about two years ago, I started getting these dark spots on my legs out of nowhere. I was literally freaking out!! I couldn’t figure out 1. Why they were appearing and 2. How to get rid of them! So I went to my dermatologist and she informed me that it was genetic hyper-pigmentation. Basically, some people are more prone to dark marks genetically than others. She then prescribed me a bleaching cream that was expensive AF  and came in this tiny tiny tube. She also told me I may need more than one tube. I was pissed. I knew I wasnt gonna spend $60 on a tiny tube of bleaching cream so I started looking for alternatives. I literally tried evvvvverything! Finally after browsing deep on google, I came across this particular brand of Bona Fide 7% pure glycolic acid.

Daily Glycolic Acid Peel 7.5% Pure AHA for Anti Aging Acne Blackheads Oily Skin

This stuff has literally changed my skin. It is strong enough to deeply exfoliate your skin, but gentle and safe enough to use at home. It has a clear/water consistency and should be used very carefully. I use it on both my face and dark spots on my body to help lighten and keep my skin clear. Make sure you check with your dermatologist first before using if you have sensitive skin. I use once every week (sometimes every two weeks) after a gentle cleanser, rinse with cold water, followed by a good moisturizer. Only use at night. You can purchase on amazon here.

Exfoliation Gloves
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Cheap. Simple. Self-explanatory. You will have the softest skin in life. Use these before a beach day, self-tanning, big event or date night… I proooooomise your skin will glow and be baby soft. Make sure to follow with a good moisturizing lotion. Purchase at your local Target.

Exfoliating Lotion

If you can’t tell, I am obsessed with soft smooth skin!! Another easy way to achieve that is by using an exfoliating body lotion. Lotions with AHA or Lactic Acid are a great way to make sure your legs and body are getting those dead skin cells sloughed off!! I rotate an exfoliating lotion with my regular lotion during the week and have great results. This stuff just makes your legs and skin glow while being soft and hydrated beyond words! You can purchase one of my favorites by Perfect Image here , its a little pricey, so I found a budget-friendly version here.

Gly 10% + Sal 2% Exfoliating Body Lotion - Enhanced with Green Tea | Papaya | Bearberry | Licorice | Amino ComplexAmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Moisturizing Body Lotion for Dry Skin, Fragrance-Free, 15.8oz Twin Pack (7.9oz per bottle)

Apple Cider Vinegar 

This stuff is basically God’s magic potion. There are literally 13409234792347 uses for ACV, but I want to point out one in particular… a conditioner for your hair. Yes. You read that correctly… If you have psoriasis, dandruff, dry brittle hair, or really any hair issue at all, ACV can take care of it!!! I’ve been rinsing my hair with ACV for about 2 yrs and I can vouch for the amazing benefits:
– Balances hair PH
– Cleansing and Clarifying
– Antibacterial/Anti-fungal
– Detangles & Add Shine
– Stimulates hair growth

How to use: mix one part ACV with 3 parts water and pour over hair after shampooing. Let sit for 5-10mins while massaging scalp. Rinse. You can follow with a conditioner if you’d like, although its not needed. Dont worry about the smell.. it evaporates when you blow dry. (If you dont blow dry your hair.. you’re on your own with this lol… the smell is brutal!). My hair and scalp have been so much healthier since using ACV! If you can get past the smell I promise you will be satisfied with the results.

Dry Brushing
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Got Cellulite?
Cellulite be-gone! That’s what dry brushing does.
Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like… brushing the skin in a particular pattern with a dry brush, usually before showering. It stimulates the lymphatic system which is responsible for collecting, transporting to the blood, and eliminating the waste our cells produce. Along with normalizing lymph flow, it leaves your skin softer, pores clearer, and your whole body with more energy. One of the byproducts of dry brushing is reducing the appearance of cellulite that we absolutely hate. I try to dry brush 2-3 times a week before showering at night, followed by a good body lotion.



Do you have any beauty secrets that you swear by? Please share! Sharing is caring sis!!  I want to see your #blackgirlmagic shine thru everyday!!


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