Hi, My Name Is Nicole. Welcome To My World…

Hi, My Name Is Nicole. Welcome To My World…

So it’s 12:09am on a Thursday night, and I literally sat here for about 45mins, with the cursor blinking on a blank page,  full of anxiety about writing this post. You see, I have anxiety because I have a fear of sharing my inner thoughts with anyone outside my “circle” because I know they will be judged. My friends get me. They understaaaand me. Strangers however do not lol. Atleast not at first. My friends didnt “get me” before they were my friends (they will tell you that too!) So yes, having a blog and sharing bits and pieces about myself scares me.  You would think I was a celebrity right? As if millions of people are going to read this blog and my words will be in a BuzzFeed article. So far fetched.. so dramatic.. (and slightly narcissistic). Lordt.

This blog will be composed of personal thoughts, my travels, my baking recipes and how I am the queen of coupon codes. But first I figured i’d introduce myself. Hi, my name is Nicole. Welcome to my world 🙂

9 thoughts on “Hi, My Name Is Nicole. Welcome To My World…

  1. Hey, Nicole glad you started your blog! I enjoyed your first blog especially since it talked about fear which is what so often we struggle with! Keep up the good works!

  2. Sooo excited for you and this new adventure of yours!!! I know that nothing but good things will come of this because that’s what you deserve! Smart, beautiful and confident! Keep up the good work! Love your favorite little cousin,

    Erica 💜

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